Success Motivation

Success Motivation

Histories Cryptic Success Formula

Experts agree – we live in a negative world. In time, this external threat – in the form of political, economic, criminal and social vices – becomes the internal enemy, as it finds its way into the thoughts and feelings of everyday people. Their morale is broken, undermining the spirit of confidence, motivation, and optimism so central to their success and happiness. It doesn’t take long before they become liabilities to their families, businesses, and communities at large


Reinventing the wheel is time consuming, and surely not the most effective way of dealing with this almost universal dilemma. So we turn to history – the tried-and-tested. Buried deep in the tombs of the great, and the ruins of long-ago empires, lies a Timeless Success Formula – histories cryptic gift to mankind!


Broken people can rise from the ashes, as they uncover and appropriate this Secret Formula. Most people believe that fate rules their lives, but history affirms: any human being in the right frame of mind can make things happen! All the effort you invest in fixing the Macro will meet with frustration if you fail to fix the Micro!!


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