School Safety

School Bullying Program

Bullying Solutions for Schools

We promote SAFETY & CONFIDENCE in SCHOOLS around the globe. Our services include FREE Educationals, School Safety Programs, Online Programs, Training & Coaching Services



Physical & Emotional Safety at schools – for staff and students

Prevent and manage both internal and external school safety threats

School Safety Program


We partner with you for 4-6 months. The Program is concept based, thus the details are tailored to the needs and requirements of your school


  1. School staff trained in "Protection Ops"

Be Safe - on the street, at home, at school, while traveling

Feel Safe - school personnel unrestricted by fear

Trained protectors: “When 1% of school staff are trained in Protection Ops, bullying and other safety threats in that school are reduced by more than 50%!!”

  1. Safety & Bullying resources on school website

Teachers, students, parents, and the community can access world-class Safety & Bullying resources direct on the school website

These resources – online programs, coaching, and seminars – will be available to your people at a discount. In addition, a percentage of all purchases go back to the school to offset the School Safety Program costs

The school becomes a Safety Resource to its community

  1. School Safety Policy & Anti-Bullying System


A proven Policy allows the System to govern safety issues, freeing teachers to focus on teaching

  1. Talks and mini workshops


For students

And parents – at parent meetings or workshops

  1. Consulting & Mentoring


We are on call to consult with and mentor the school in special situations



4-6 month School Safety Program

To start at the beginning of the calendar month of your choice



Your school premises



Tailored monthly retainer fee

Includes staff training, safety resources on the school website, school safety system, all talks and mentoring as required

Contact us for a meeting to discuss, for more information, or to sign your school up now!!