Program Benefits

Human Liabilities into Assets - positive ROI

Universal Success Formula

"Spirit" – Morale (confidence, motivation, optimism)

"Shield" – non-victim mentality

"Sword" – make things happen

Heroic Leadership

Community building


The PSYops Program

Psychological Operations is histories way of Growing Human Assets - people with the capacity to build empires!  You cannot fix the Macro until you fix the Micro. PSYops, a tried-and-tested Program, arms everyday people with a Universal Success Formula



Living THE CODE as individuals

The Established Order

Human Nature

Our Gifts – “In order to have you must do; but to do you must first become”

THE CODE – Histories Cryptic Success Formula

Living THE CODE as organizations

Discipline – Empowerment vs Control

Heroic Leadership – influence through becoming, caring, relationship building, teaching & mentoring  

Living THE CODE as communities

Protect inalienable rights

Promote prosperity through a culture of heroes

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