Program Benefits

Protect Human Assets – secure your ROI

Be Safe – on the street, at home, at work, while traveling

Feel Safe – workforce unrestricted by fear

Offensive Mind-set – overcome the victim mentality, don't let fate rule your life, make things happen!

Skills development: communication, conflict, stress, bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence

The PROops Program

Protection Ops is a full spectrum personal security / self defense / crime prevention program, that trains everyday people to operate safely and confidently as they go about their daily business


The ABC’s of Self Defense

A - Awareness: (a) Avoidance strategies (b) Overcome the Victim Mentality and project the right message (c) Understand the predatory mind and how it selects its victims (d) Understand the adrenal state and how your own mind functions under duress

B - Boundary Setting: (a) Recognize the predators opening interview (b) Deescalate any threatening situation through assertive boundary setting – verbal defense, body language, and eye contact

C - Combat: (a) As a last resort, learn to save life by neutralizing a stronger more experienced assailant (b) This training builds the confidence necessary to effectively apply the above avoidance and de-escalation strategies, making a physical confrontation less likely

Unarmed Combat

CQC – Close Quarter Combat

Ground Fighting & Rape scenarios

Multiple assailants

Armed assailants

Armed Combat

Protection Sprays

Stick / cane fighting

Knife fighting

Throwing knives


Home Defense

Creating safe havens

Fortify your home against invasion and break-in

Home-made security devices: early warning systems, booby-traps, trip alarms, pressure sensitive switches, tension release low-tech security devices, and more

Low-cost portable security

Safety Products

Self Defense Products

Surveillance Systems

Hidden Cameras

Diversion Safes

Learn to

Overcome fear through proven self defense techniques

Recognize the warning signs and avoid threatening situations

Avoid predators by not looking like a victim

Acquire basic survival training

Use the power of your voice and body language

Use the power of fear, not be paralyzed by it

Harness adrenaline to defeat aggressors

Protect yourself with simple & effective self defense techniques

Safety skills boost your confidence in any hostile confrontation

Fortify your home

Overcome the victim mentality through emotional safety / fearless mind-set

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