Online Self Defence

Online Self Defence

The Problem

I have lived and fought and trained people in some of the most dangerous countries in the world. I have seen how economic instability, political uncertainty, and other social vices creates fear-based cultures. Such societies are literal breeding grounds for bullies, criminals, and terrorists!!


Bullying in South African schools has reached epidemic proportions. Many of our kids live in fear - ask them! Women feel a greater need than ever to be empowered! Men have been unmanned, uncertain of their ability to defend themselves and those they love! We live in an increasingly dangerous country. We're not going to change that; so we can either learn to live safely in it, or we can become its victims... "To feel safe is a greater need than the need to love or be loved..!!"


Our Online Solution

Our Online Program teaches you how to live safely and confidently in an unsafe world, and covers the ABC's of full-spectrum Self Defence:


A - Awareness: Understanding the predatory mind and how it selects its victims. Understand your survival mechanism, and how to train it to respond automatically and effectively under duress


B - Boundary setting: Use body language, eye contact, and verbal defense to handle the predators opening interview, and deescalate a potentially violent situation


C - Combat: Key concepts in successfully handling both frontal and rear attacks


Some REAL stories from our students


Celeste: A mother who was able to save her own daughter from a violent boyfriend. She stepped between them, setting a firm boundary. The man was so enraged he attacked her! She knocked him out cold!! When police later picked him up in their house, he was still unconscious!!


Mark: When a man threatened his family late one evening in a parking lot, Mark stepped in. The man was large and aggressive, but Mark knocked him down twice within seconds; the second time he didn't stand up. Mark become an instant hero to his family, and was left changed by his new found confidence. "The program works!!"


Andrea: Works for a diamond broker in a dangerous city. Had all kinds of training, but still lived in fear - so she went through our program. It saved her life..!! She was attacked by two knife wielding assailants! She downed the first, and disarmed his accomplice, almost killing him. A lady more than surviving an attack by two armed men - something almost unheard of!! Imagine the outcome had she not been trained??


Should you and those close to you wish to live safely and confidently despite the dangers around you, and hope to live to tell your own success story, then act now!! Simply purchase and immediately download our online program, and start training today - in the comfort of your own home!! Find the confidence you've always wanted..!!


Our Guarantee

This has worked for real people in real situations - one of those nothing to lose, everything to gain things. Download the program now!! And if it is not for you, notify us for a FULL REFUND - NO questions asked!!

PLUS get the following two courses absolutely FREE - limited offer!!

Ground fighting - including rape scenarios

Defense against armed assailants - wielding guns, knives, or clubs

These additional courses worth R100 each!!