FREE staff protection workshop

FREE staff protection workshop


We would like to offer you and your organization a FREE workshop covering Personal Security, Self Defence, and Crime Prevention in a dangerous world. Wise people have always sought to protect and improve their assets. Human Assets are no different…



Be Safe – on the street, at home, at work, and while traveling

Feel Safe – workforce unrestricted by fear


Program Details


We may live in a dangerous world, but we can learn to live safely and confidently in it. Our Protection Ops Program covers the ABC’s of Self Defense:


A - Awareness: (a) Avoidance strategies. (b) Overcome the victim-mentality and project the right message. (c) Understand the predatory mind and how it selects its victims. (d) Understand the adrenal state and how your own mind functions under duress


B - Boundary Setting: (a) Recognize the predators opening interview. (b) Deescalate any threatening situation through assertive boundary setting – verbal defence, body language, and eye contact


C - Combat: (a) Unarmed: as a last resort, learn to save life by neutralizing a stronger more experienced assailant. This training builds the confidence necessary to effectively apply the above avoidance and de-escalation strategies, making a physical confrontation less likely (b) Armed: use our imported Self Defence Sprays to effectively defend yourself and others


Program Option – FREE Talk / Mini-workshop

Physical & Emotional Safety

Becoming Protectors

Sampling of our Products & Services

Other more in-depth options are available upon request



We will run the talk / mini-workshop onsite at your premises

No equipment needed



30-60 minutes – you choose how much time you want spent on this

Can be scheduled as convenient for you



The talk / workshop is FREE of charge


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