FREE Motivational Seminar

FREE Motivational Seminar


We would like to offer you and your business a FREE Motivational Seminar. Wise persons have always sought to improve their assets. Human Assets are no different…



Morale Building - Confidence, Motivation, Optimism, Spirit

Success, Happiness, Prosperity

Business Betterment through Self Development

Program Details


We may live in a negative world, but we can learn to live successfully and happily in it! Our Motivational Seminar addresses some of the following:


The Established Order: (a) Laws of Cause & Effect that govern lasting Success, Happiness, and Prosperity

Histories Cryptic Success Formula: (a) Learn about the universal Formula behind the rise and fall of the great Empires and Persons of the past; (b) Apply this timeless Formula to increase your Prosperity today

Self Improvement - Law of Cause & Effect: (a) change behaviour; (b) strengthen your influence; (c) better your situation

Human Assets: (a) Turning Human Liabilities into Assets

Program Option – FREE Talk / Mini-workshop


Motivational / Inspirational

Prosper by becoming an Asset

Sampling of our Services

Other more in-depth options are available upon request



We will run the seminar onsite at your premises

No equipment needed



30-60 minutes – you choose how much time you want spent on this

Can be scheduled as convenient for you

Numbers to Attend


We are happy to present this program to ALL your staff

You are welcome to split in groups as necessary



The seminar is FREE of charge



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