Online Bully-Basics Program



"FEAR is the dark room where all negatives are developed" Fear lies at the heart of bullying - it drives the bully and incapacitates the victim! Bullying can be a blessing in disguise... It exposes weakness, and provides an opportunity to replace fear with confidence - ending the bully/victim cycle, and preparing kids for a successful life!!



We teach children how to avoid and how to deal with everyday bullying situations. Our Online Bully-Basics Program teaches you the parent how to help your own child in the comfort of your home; older children can even teach themselves! Through this internationally acclaimed children’s assertiveness and safety program you will learn:

How to completely avoid becoming the victim of bullying by learning to project the right message!!

Bullies will tell you they can smell a victim a mile away!!

Understanding how they select their victims can help your child to effectively get out of the victim pool

Learn how to walk and talk and move in ways that send confident non-victim signals

Overcome fear and anger by learning to be calm, confident and aware

When approached by a would-be bully, know how to handle their “opening interview” or victim test!!

How to maintain a safe distance between you and the would-be bully/s

How to use good posture and body-language to communicate strength and de-escalate a potentially bad situation

How to speak and use your voice

Learn to be assertive through good boundary setting skills / drawing a “line in the sand”!

And if all else fails, learn to quickly and effectively stop someone who is trying to use their superior size and strength to hurt you!

Learning how not to fight is a greater and more valuable skill than learning how to fight..!! Yet learning how to fight is fundamental to learning how not to fight!! Children who know what they have should they physically need to defend themselves are far more effective at preventing a violent confrontation, because they are less afraid!! This program therefore teaches basic combat skills for when there is absolutely no other alternative, and they must protect themselves with minimum force from being physically harmed

These skills can also be successfully applied with strangers, and as effective anti-abduction measures!!

Finally, children who have done our Bully-Basics Program protect their friends and others from bullying!

We live in a world sorely in need of heroes. We can teach our children to take their place among their peers as examples and protectors – like sheepdogs who, by their very presence, cause the wolves to move on to other less protected herds, and away from those we love!

Confidence and fearlessness make for naturally good leaders!

If this is what you feel you need to help your child, simply download our Online Bully-Basics Program now!! We look forward to helping you build their confidence, and stand tall among their peers!!

PRACTICAL online anti bully solutions, statistics, and training – the finest insurance available for your child's safety and well-being!!!

Downloadable Program includes instruction, step-by-step pictures, and video footage for easy learning!!!

Money back guarantee!!

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