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Our mission

Helping you Grow and Protect your Human Assets


To prosper in its cause your organization must of necessity invest in people. The return on these investments of time, money, energy, resources, and training is central to your success. This in mind let us help you


Get a positive ROI - turn Human Liabilities into Assets

Maximize your Return - Grow Human Assets

Secure your Investment - Protect Human Assets


The means

A Dual-Core Program incorporating Protection & Psychological Operations


Our services

Online Programs - Talks - Seminars - Retreats - Mentoring



"The intervention by The Foundation had a huge impact on my business! During the financial year of 2008 we barely made ends meet in our multi-million rand business. Things started changing in December 2008, one month after the intervention began, where we had a record Used Car sales month. In April of 2009 we made best net profits in 26 months and are still improving daily...!

This is a way of life... our society can only benefit from THE CODE!"

Koetoe Botha - Ford




Histories Cryptic Safety & Success Formula - Growing & Protecting Human Assets


Protection Ops / Personal Security / Protecting Human Assets


Psychological Operations / Success Motivation / Growing Human Assets